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Celebrating the superstar buyers who have dramatically grown travel to Africa. If you’re a buyer, tell us how you bring your clients to the continent and give them a truly enriching experience. If you’re an exhibitor, why not nominate a buyer whose tireless passion for Africa deserves to be recognised?



After much deliberation, these are the final shortlisted submissions for the Grow Africa category. Find out more details about your favourite submission here.

Sarah Hoyland

Sarah Hoyland
The Classic Safari Company

For almost three decades The Classic Safari Company has been passionately promoting travel to Africa. (Director) Sarah’s new initiative – The Secret Women’s Series – now showcases grass roots initiatives in order to enrich clients lives whilst supporting and empowering local women.

Claudia Church

Claudia Church
&Three Collective

We are 100% dedicated to travel in Africa. Because our passion is so fierce and because the African continent has SO much to offer, we do not dilute our brand or our focus with travel to other continents.

Marianne van Kruijsdijk-van het Hof

Marianne van Kruijsdijk-van het Hof
Zuid Afrika Vakantie

In recent years she travelled many times in South- and Southern Africa. She makes customized itineraries for her clients to suit all needs, requirements and budget.

Victor Dizon

Victor Dizon
Asia to Africa Safaris

Victor is an ex-investment banker who has lived and worked in the US, Europe and Asia. He has always had a passion for travel and that is what led him to co-found A2A Safaris.

Juan Carlos Coppel

Juan Carlos Coppel
Lozano Travel De Mexico

The desire to have others experience the same thing as you is driven by living something of high impact and value. To us, travel in Africa is vibrant and our passion. We want to continue to explore and learn all that this continent has to offer, and we believe we are capable of sharing that message with others.









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