Last year was a bumper year for travel, we saw borders fully open and revenge travel take off! But what about the future of our industry? What trends are emerging that we need to take note of when looking towards travel’s resurgence?

A recent study published by Hotels.com, Expedia and VRBO indicated that 2023 defines the new normal in travel, which is No-Normal travel. What does this mean? A year of travel like no other. After spending 2022 catching up with friends and family or getting outdoors, 2023 is all about doing the unexpected.

Think off-the-grid adventures, wellness breaks, cultural immersion and bucket list trips. Simply put, whatever travellers can dream up they are itching to do in 2023! Here are the terms that are defining this year’s travel trends;


Eduvacations are trips that are all about learning new things, fun discoveries and broadening personal horizons. Accommodation and leisure providers are increasingly getting in on the trend by offering educational programmes for guests covering culture, conservation, eco-living and wellness.

Have a look at your property and service and give a behind the scenes look at your eco initiatives, local culture and community or offer a work shop for guests that not only educate but inspire!

Revenge travel

A term that was coined just after the pandemics travel resurgence, Revenge travel looks to be a trend that will go well into 2023 and beyond. Making up for lost time, travellers are back with visitor numbers in Africa increasing to 2019 levels over the 2022 peak season. Now is the time to dream up incredible itineraries and bucket list experiences as guests are spending more than ever making up for lost time and opportunities.

Silver nomads

Silver nomads are redefining the status quo by seeking out remote living opportunities in their 50’s and 60’s in order to travel the world and experience all  there is on offer.

No longer a niche reserved for tech savvy online workers seeking winter sun, the nomadic lifestyle is being adopted by retirees. Golden Visas also had a bumper year in 2022, with Portugal recording a 398 million injection into the economy from foreign property investment.


A great trend in sustainability for cities and personal use is micromobility. From e-bikes, e-scooters, e-skateboards to segways micormobility makes it accessible to nip around busy urban areas.

More and more travel companies are offering e-bike day trips, allowing outdoor exploration with a fun twist. No need to be ultra fit to explore the outdoors is an accessible and sustainable alternative!


The latest demographic identified by Noom.org, are the Queenagers. Women aged 45 – 60 years old are all about living their best lives and have the resources to do so. With freedom and spending power on their side, they’re becoming a key target in the travel market.

These women view success in their own terms with many stating that work life balance is more important than their career status. With time for themselves more important than a job they love, their partner, or friends this is a demographic that is also often overlooked.

Is your product or service a must do for Queenagers?

Nature Positive Travel

Nature positive travel is set to take over in 2023 as holidaymakers seek ways to reduce and reverse their environmental impact.

As an industry highly dependent on the wonders of nature, travel has a vested interest in keeping destinations pristine for future generations. An increasing number of net zero hotels and regenerative activities are cropping up to meet this challenge.


Melisa Harvey

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