2014 Conference Speaker - Michael Power - We Are Africa

2014 Conference Speaker – Michael Power

2014 Conference Speaker – Michael Power



An economist by trade, Michael always displayed a strategic mind, which he utilised in his international professional pursuits. Since joining Investec Asset Management as a strategist in December 2002, he has been analysing and researching how the shift in the centre of economic gravity from West to East is impacting on the world of investment and in particular how it is opening up new investment opportunities for Investec’s global client base.

The Politics, Philosophy and Economics Oxford graduate and University of Cape Town Economics PHD began his professional career in South Africa working in the Middle East department of Chase Manhattan Bank before moving to Anglo American’s corporate finance department. Michael was then employed in the London corporate finance department of NM Rothschild & Sons where his work had a strong natural resource emphasis. Having completed a 4×4 overland safari through Africa, Michael then moved for four years working in HSBC-Equator Bank. He returned to the UK to join Baring Asset Management as a director in their emerging markets department, where he was head of Africa and the Middle East and the natural resources sector, whilst also managing the Pan African Simba Fund portfolio.

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