2015 Conference Speaker | Zain Asher - We Are Africa

2015 Conference Speaker | Zain Asher

2015 Conference Speaker | Zain Asher

News anchor | CNN Newsroom Co-Anchor, CNN International

Now an anchor at CNN International, Zain Asher has previously served as a CNN business correspondent, regularly interviewing leading CEOs and entrepreneurs, and as a field reporter, covering stories including the kidnapping of hundreds of schoolgirls by Boko Haram militants in Nigeria in 2014, and the 2013 terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon. She has also hosted panel discussions at the United Nations, London Business School, UBS and recently gave a TEDx talk in London. Born and raised in London, Asher has lived and worked in Mexico, France and Nigeria and is fluent in French, Spanish and Ibo (her native Nigerian dialect).

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