Meet Alexandra Matts from Extraordinary Africa in the United Kingdom. This first-time buyer to the tribe tells us what makes her company unique and what her greatest experience of Africa has been so far…

Tell us who you are and what your business is about?

When I left university luxury travel seemed like a nice sort of job to be doing. As I’d spent a year living in Tanzania I got plonked into the Africa department. Two weeks later I was sitting in my open-air tub at Lake Manyara Tree Lodge with a frozen G&T and decided this really wasn’t at all bad. Ten years later I’ve been lucky enough to meet some pretty fantastic people, see some pretty incredible animals and set up my own little safari empire in Scotland.

Alexandra Matts

Who is your typical client travelling to Africa and what is their perception of the continent?

They are all different ages and nationalities, but definitely all well-educated and well-travelled and share an appreciation for an old-fashioned adventure. Big tick for anything that wouldn’t be out of place in a John Buchan novel. They’re less fussed about pillow menus and gold taps (though a decent bottle of wine is appreciated by most!).

What region of Africa and supplier products are you looking to build your knowledge on through attending We Are Africa 2016?

Botswana, any riding and mountain biking safaris are all my new obsessions.

What makes your company, or the people who work with you, different?

Combining a seriously boring obsession with getting the details and the practicalities right, with a streak of serious fun. We definitely put our reputation on the line by trying to tempt clients out of their comfort zone. So far, we’ve had spectacular results!

We Are Africa’s ethos is ‘Not One Story’. Tell us your greatest story/experience of Africa.

There are too many to choose. Sleeping in Daniel Craig’s bed at Vamizi (no 007 in it disappointingly), getting close enough to an elephant to see inside his mouth in Mana Pools and trying to get a 1980’s ambulance through the Mauritania/Senegal border. Spotting a pangolin cruising around in the daylight in Mana Pools is probably the winner though.

Are you an African specialist buyer who stands apart from the crowd? If you’d like to join Sergio as part of the We Are Africa 2016 tribe, as either a buyer or exhibitor, send us your application and we’ll get back to you!

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