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When you’re putting on an event in a foodie haven like Cape Town, you’d better make sure the cuisine is up to local standards! So for 2016, we’ve brought back our very own African food fair, MARKET, to satisfy the exacting palettes of our tribe.

Head up to Level 3 for a cacophony of flavour this lunchtime – from Asian fusion to crunchy salads, and traditional Braai to caviar (ooh la la!). To quench your thirst, we have Grand Africa’s Pongrácz Bar serving up cold refreshments and Boston Breweries bringing the finest craft beers. If last night’s party took it’s toll, why not pick up a healthy energy smoothie from Revive The Tribe? Just what the doctor ordered!

Plus, any food not eaten will be donated to charity The Ark – head to their website to find out more.

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John Segar

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